Monday, May 07, 2007

Spider-Man 3 and Superman 3

I just saw "Spider-Man 3" and I have to ask, why do all movie series starring superheroes have to get both "over the top" and also "extraordinarily silly" by the time they get to the third film?!? Both "Spider-Man 3" and "Superman 3" (from 1983) qualify for this. Even "X-Men 3", "Star Trek III", "Jaws 3", "Alien 3", etc. all suffer from a serious case of "What do we do next to top ourselves and write us out of a corner? I know, let's make it embarrassingly silly, or so extreme in action, so that we don't have to do a fourth one!"

Superhero movies in general are hard for me to take seriously. I have no problem with the movies being silly (like Adam West's "Batman") as long as that's the precedent established with the first movie of the series.

So, did I like "Spider-Man 3". Yes. In places. But there are scenes that will make even the most die-hard fan cringe.

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1 comment:

Shad said...

I do agree that Spider-Man 3 was "over the top", but I didn't see excess silliness. There was silliness, but not in excess (IMHO). About the amount of silliness I would expect from Sam Rami...