Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rocky Balboa

I am one of these strange people that has to see every movie of a particular movie series even after the series goes down the toilet. Strangely enough, the "Rocky" series never did. It's really a matter of taste. Either you like the "Rocky" movies, or you hate them. Jokes aside, Sylvester Stallone is really a great writer and actually writes dialogue and stories that seem plausible. An aging Rocky Balboa reentering the boxing ring years after retirement seems like a ludicrous idea, but Stallone uses real life examples such as George Foreman's latter-day bout and constructs a story that logically creates a reality that one can accept a geezer boxing away. Every Rocky movie is somewhat over the top, so that has to be accepted if one is to watch these. I would consider "Rocky III" (Mr. T) and "Rocky IV" (Dolph Lundgren) to be the craziest of the series, yet somehow even those two movies have one foot based in reality. I don't know how he does it. I also don't know how Stallone takes basically the same story and somehow makes it exciting over and over and over again.

Mark Arnold

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