Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I rarely watch Bush's speeches on the TV anymore because of the way he farts and sputters around to say what he really wants to say which is: I want to go to war with every enemy in such a messed-up way so that the US will permanently be at war for no good reason except just to keep the military employed. In other words, why don't we just fucking bite the bullet and just declare war on the whole fucking world and draft fucking everybody and nuke fucking everybody in the name of peace?

Bush's plan all along is to escalate the war so that the succeeding president (hopefully a Republican in his mind) will be in office for two terms. For some idiotic reason, we ALWAYS re-elect Presidents while we are at war.


I don't like Dennis Miller anymore either. On his appearance on Leno's show last night he said that Bush has kept the peace on his watch for over 2000 days with no terrorist attacks and that's why he like Bush. Well Dennis, it could have been longer if he prevented 9/11 which I felt that he could have since I've been reading the "9/11 Report". Also, haven't we gotten enough REVENGE on our enemies since more soldiers have died in this war than died in the World Trade Center terrorist attack?

I know I am going all over the map, but I am going to make a plea to all of our enemies and friends worldwide to urge Bush to send our troops home. That is the highest honor we can give our troops. I am proud of our troops and to send them home would mean that we are respecting their efforts.

I love America, but not this president...

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