Friday, February 09, 2007

All The Crawling Text on TV

I am sick of all the text crawls and large type and logos that appear nowadays on TV. I guess everyone's afraid of someone copying someone else's work, but all that crap is so distracting. Comedian Lewis Black did a bit on one of his records where he forced CNN to remove all of the text crawls while he was being interviewed, and they did.

The problem is the text distracts you from the visual and since it zips by so fast, you don't get to read the text and so you get nothing. Newton Minnow talked about TV being a vast wasteland...well with this and tabloid "entertainment" shows like "Entertainment Tonight", "Extra", etc. and "reality" shows like "Survivor" and subpar action/adventure shows that are "X-Files" rehashes and subpar comedies about families and friends I don't care about and aren't funny, and "educational/instructional" shows that don't do either function, there's nothing to watch anymore on TV.

TV has finally become what radio became in the 50s and 60s: no shows and a whole lot of meaningless filler. I watch old movies and TV shows and listen to old radio shows to see and hear what was when people could write, actors could act and celebrity private lives were kept more private.

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1 comment:

Bishop said...

Ain't that the truth. When I'm in the states, I can't stand the stuff. Occasionally I see BBC news here and that's bearable. I get most of my news off the internet now. On most sites, the filler's a little easier to filter. (As for TV - my flatmate downloads a bunch of shows from which the uploaders have generously excised the ads. Kudos all around for Rome, 24, Jericho and Life on Mars.)