Monday, December 04, 2006

If I Were President of the United States

If I were President of the United States, I would pull all of our troops out of the Middle East and give a world-wide announcement saying something to the effect of us not messing around with any other country's politics or religions unless they bomb US soil. If a country wants to go on killing each other, that's their right.

I wouldn't have any fear of "cutting and running", because it isn't. It is SELF-PRESERVATION, even if we instigated the war in Iraq. I would pull ALL troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and if either country were to get uppity and do some terrorist act ON THE US again, I would react then and will full force. Save our pennies now.

Meanwhile, with all of our troops back in the US, I would utilize them for domestic issues and at the same time plan a strategy in case any of those countries (or any other) did get uppity, so that we would be prepared.

In any case, I would find the source of all the ammunition all of these countries seem to have (probably it's us) and try to stop all shipments into these areas.

It's not that difficult to do. Some may argue that someone will definitely bomb us if we pull completely out. Well buddy, somebody could bomb us RIGHT NOW and we wouldn't be ready because all of our troops are holed up in the chaotic anarchy that Bush instigated in Iraq and also didn't finish up in Afghanistan.

*Sigh* Only 777 more days, folks!

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