Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Paul McCartney

I don't know if fans of other artists have this problem, but I hate it that Paul McCartney always puts out scattered bonus tracks. His new album has 13 tracks on it. There are at least 3 other elusive tracks that could have just been placed on the CD. Two of them are from the "Fine Line" CD single, and there's a third that's only available as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the album. Everything has big FBI labels plastered all over them to not do illegal downloads, but what's a poor boy to do? In the days before Napster, I used to buy the US album, then the UK album and then the Japanese album and assorted singles just to get everything. And sometimes things were hard to come by. Now with downloading and Ebay one can get everything. Sorry Paul I have to download. You don't deserve me to pay $100 or more just so I can get all the configurations. I bought the basic album (with the CD) for $17.99 and that's it. I'm downloading the rest for free. If Paul wants to come after me for this, I would tell him that those three elusive tracks could have been placed on the same album on either the CD or the DVD disc.

Another thing, the entire album and video material could have just been made into a DVD. Why make CDs anymore? Gripe, gripe, gripe. Paul should be glad I didn't download the entire album for free. The billionaire wouldn't miss my money and he has plenty of money from me in the past.


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