Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Casper's Spookiest Tales DVD

Here's the list of cartoons on "Casper's Spookiest Tales" DVD. Turns out there's two repeats, but otherwise this is an essential fourth disc for anyone trying to collect all of the theatrical and "New Casper Cartoon Show" Casper cartoons:

1. A Visit From Mars
2. The Absent Minded Robot
3. Bedtime Trouble
4. Boos and Saddles (also on "By the Old Mill Scream" DVD)
5. Doing What's Fright (also on "Peek a Boo" DVD)
6. The Enchanted Horse
7. Little Lost Ghost
8. Small Spooks
9. Super Spooks
10. True Boo
11. Twin Trouble
12. Zero the Hero
13. Growing Up


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