Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TV Shows on DVD

I'm really enjoying the many TV shows that they are now putting on DVD. Complete seasons of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "All in the Family" and "Green Acres" can be had for only $20-40 each. That's a great deal for over 10 hours of programming on each. And, the writing on some of these classic shows is better than anything you could see on TV today. I hope that this will cause a renaissance in good TV writing again (probably won't), and I hope that it will help the powers-that-be to dig further into their vaults and release some really weird stuff ("My Mother the Car", anyone?)

Anyway, there are still a lot of good shows that have yet to see a DVD release at this time. I hope that this changes soon. Examples being "I Dream of Jeannie", "Maude", "Get Smart", "Batman", etc. Well, we'll see. Stranger things have happened.


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