Monday, April 25, 2005


Hi Guys,

Here is another of my (hopefully) daily blogs. Exciting things are always happening at Fun Ideas. Right now, I just shipped out issue #59 of "The Harveyville Fun Times!", a fanzine about Harvey Comics that I've published since 1990. For more information, see my Harvey Comics website at

Also, this week's "Protecto, the Little Robot" strip has just been posted at I would really appreciate it if you would tell me your comments, so take a look and let me know...

I really want to write more articles, so please contact me and let me know your needs. I have an article coming up which I will detail further in future blogs in "Hogan's Alley".

I know that this seems like a total vanity piece, but so what, it's all in fun, and I would appreciate any feedback about me or my projects or any of my websites. Please contact me at

Signing off.


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