Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fun Ideas Review

Review by Tony Isabella, Tony's Online Tips:
"Mark Arnold is the editor and publisher of THE HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES, a fanzine which covers Casper, Richie Rich, and other Harvey Comics stars with a winning combination of bemusement and respect. This time out, in addition to the latest issue of the FUN TIMES, he sent a copy of GIANT SHANDA ANIMAL #8 (Shanda Fantasy Arts; $4.99), an anthology of anthropomorphic comics stories. Arnold has the cover and lead spot in this year's ANIMAL with his 50th-anniversary tribute to Richie Rich. "A Treasure Chest of Riches." Drawn by Shelley Pleger, the tale pokes gentle fun at the "Willy Wealthy" comic books of olde. Arnold kids because he loves, and his fondness for Richie comes through loud and clear. This is a fine story and I hope we see more of Arnold's comics writing in the years to come."

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