Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Facebook is Down

So, Facebook is down today. I was trying to post some typical things: obituaries, promotions for my books, posts about cartoons, comic books and music...and the requisite anti-Trump posts. The shutdown, whether short-lived or long-term makes me think once again what would happen if a major Internet or power outage occurred. Most people would have the worst time contacting others as they don't memorize phone numbers anymore and virtually everything is online.

I, fortunately, keep a few phone numbers for emergency sake written on a sheet of paper. I keep one in my wallet and another in my glove compartment, just in the off-chance I am stranded somewhere and off the grid.

Not being able to post on Facebook is kind of weird after doing it for over 10 years and MySpace before that, but there was a time when I made long-distant phone calls or (shudder!) actually took out pen and paper and wrote a letter and mailed it to someone.

We get so dependent on these technologies. It really makes you think - at least it does for me - when they don't work properly.

In any case, I hope they fix it soon, but if they don't, there are other alternative things to do in life. I will continue to write my books and watch my DVDs and listen to my CDs and vinyl. I just won't post as often and probably will resume writing this blog more frequently.

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