Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Arrgh! Ringo's album a disappointment!

I love Ringo and I love it when he puts out a new album, but with "Ringo 2012", here was a time that he should have waited until he recorded some more material. I really like most of his recent albums, especially "Vertical Man" (1998), "Ringo Rama" (2003), and even his last studio album "Y Not" (2010)!

This time out, there are only nine tracks, one of which was previously released on a Buddy Holly compilation, two are remakes of older Ringo tunes and one is a cover version. The entire offering clocks in at under 30 minutes!

There's something strangely wrong when "Wings", one of the remakes originally done for "Ringo the 4th" (1977) is the best tune on the album!

Surely, Ringo could have delved into the archives and put those tunes from the "Vertical Man Best Buy Bonus CD" that have been really illusive all of these years on the album. Or, he could have done a few more cover versions or pulled out some unreleased rarities from the past to round out the album and make it a solid 12-14 tracks!

Here's hoping Ringo reconsiders his recording career and gives his fans a worthwhile album instead of a short pile of table scraps.

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