Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Fix the Post Office

Every year the US Post Office belly aches that they have no money and that they are going broke and raise the prices of First Class mail stamps as a result. I don't get it. Yes, most people send emails nowadays for free instead of slapping on 44c on a letter, but at the same time, since Internet sales are up, that means more people and companies are shipping packages than ever before! And they're not all using FedEx and DHL, etc. I commonly use the US Postal Service to mail my packages because the Post Office is convenient and has flat rate packages for Priority Mail.

So, here's my plan to fix the US Post Office: 1. Don't give discounts for two ounce letters. If a one ounce letter is 44c, then two ounces would be 88c, etc. 2. Don't give discounts for junk mail or postcards or bulk mail. EVERYTHING is at least 44c. 3. Lose the commemorative stamps. Nowadays, you can create your own stamps and commemoratives are passe. If you are a stamp collector, change hobbies. 4. Go back to printing stamps in black and white with glue you have to lick or better still, don't sell stamps at all. Instead, sell pre-stamped envelopes that you have to buy. They will all be business-size. Greeting card manufacturers would have to conform as well or it will cost more to mail out those special sizes.

These are just some of the things that I feel would work. Let me know what you think.

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