Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weird Al is Back!

Actually, he never went anywhere. A few months ago, I bemoaned the fact that Weird Al hasn't released an album of new music since 2006, which is true, but since 2006 has posted new videos and songs on the Internet. Finally, Al has released his new album "Alpocalypse" which does not fail to disappoint.

On this one, he does parodies of Lady Gaga and other current acts. The thing that amazes me about the 51-year-old Al is that he does parodies of acts that I usually hear AFTER his parody. It's like he's making these people's careers. In actuality, even thought I try to keep up with current music, I certainly don't do it to the depths that I used to. Instead, picking on a few choice newer acts that catch my interest like Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I don't tend to like hard-core rap or syrupy ballads and so avoid a lot of people that Al has parodied.

In other words, I usually enjoy Al's previous album better by the time the new one comes out. So, I like "Straight Outa Lynwood" much much better than I did in 2006.

Some people HATE Weird Al, which is their right. He is not for all tastes. In any case, you've got to admit the dedication and detail Al pays not only to his parodies, but in his original songs as well.

The highlight of Al's latest for me is his Doors genre parody called "Craigslist". Ray Manzarek actually performs keyboards on this and the second disc DVD contains a video of it with Al doing Morrison par excellence.

For those who can't stand to have a second disc with DVD videos, you can also just purchase the single disc CD.

Another thing, I'm sure Al won't do this, but I think it would be funny if Al did a video of "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" where he sings alongside Allan Sherman and does a duet with him a la Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole.

Finally, I was reading Wikipedia's coverage about Weird Al and was surprised to find out how many music acts that I like that also like Weird Al don't like parodies of their own songs including Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Prince. Hey guys, lighten up. Geez, your image isn't THAT good. In fact it is an honor to have Weird Al do your song. I know that I would like to hear "Chicken Pot Pie" ("Live and Let Die") and the Led Zeppelin polka medley. And Billy Joel, get over the "It's Still Billy Joel to Me", one of the funniest unreleased Weird Al parodies of all time.

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