Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Cold Turkey" and "Zotz"

I was just told about two movies that I think I would love, but they came out on VHS about 100 years ago and no DVD release is on the horizon. I don't understand the movie companies withholding their inventory. Warner Bros. and Disney have figured it out at least and have put some of their more obscure movies out as a "print on demand" DVD available through the Internet as in the case of Warner Bros. or as part of a Movie Club as Disney has done. Both are not available in stores.

The other movie studios should take a lead from this and should rerelease every single solitary movie in their inventory, especially if their is a major star, like "Cold Turkey" has Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart and a number of others, while "Zotz" stars Tom Poston and was produced by William Castle.

What is wrong with the studios? It's easy money to put this stuff out in either limited release as explained above or in box sets by subject or star or director.

As a fan, it's very frustrating and baffling.

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