Monday, December 29, 2008

Good New Movies to See

Since I've been too lazy to put a separate blog entry for each of these, I will just highly recommend the following current films: "Valkrie", "Gran Torino", and "Bolt".

Some have quibbled about the non-historical treatment of "Valkrie", but at heart it is just a good action film that just happens to be set in WWII Germany.

"Gran Torino" is a return to form for Clint Eastwood in his "Dirty Harry" persona. He is not the same character, but his crankiness is perfect. "Get off my lawn" will soon supplant "Go ahead, make my day" as the classic Clint catch phrase.

"Bolt" was a total surprise and begins the blurring of the lines of what is and what isn't a Pixar film. It isn't a Pixar film, yet John Lassiter of Pixar worked on it, and there was a short featuring Tow Mater from "Cars" at the front end. I think eventually the Pixar name will be retired. "Bolt" is a much better film than the previous non-Pixar Disney CGI films ("Chicken Little", "Meet the Robinsons"). Maybe not in the same league as "Wall-E", but close.

I highly recommend all three...

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