Monday, November 03, 2008


You now how everyone is shouting "Get out there and vote". Well I say, "Get out there and vote if you are going to vote for Obama". Votes for McCain are not going to do the country any good, and I don't care your level of income. He's a nice enough fellow and I would have voted for him over Bush in 2000, but he's older than my dad and doesn't have any new ideas.

As such, he doesn't give a shit about the US; he just wants to be President just to say that he once was the President and to get into the history books. Otherwise, he's almost ready for the pine box. He was a POW...big deal. That's no reason to vote for him. I'm happy he served his country and probably did things more courageous than myself, but I still don't have to give him my vote.

The other stupid reason is the abortion issue. I'm sorry abortion is legal. My attitude on abortion has always been "If you don't want an abortion, don't have one". In fact, if I accidentally impregnated someone, I wouldn't want her to go through that ordeal. I did once. It's painful, both physically and emotionally, for both partners, if they care. That said, I'm still voting for Obama. I don't think he'll do anything, but then again he might, but abortion will not be on the agenda, just the economy and this stupid war.

McCain on the other hand doesn't seem like anyone who would do anything, period. I think that if you can collect Social Security, you cannot serve as President. If you have to be at least 35, you should also have to be less than 65, or 67 tops.

I don't understand people who say, "Why vote when Obama's going to win anyway?" Well, that's stupid, too. What, you only vote if your candidate's losing and you never vote on the propositions or anything or anyone else?

That's why I say, "Get out there and vote if you are going to vote for Obama". Everyone else stay home and get this stupid election over with already. Make it a landslide instead of a nailbiter.

Finally, get over the color of Obama's skin. If you are in the 21st Century and still hung up on that crap, do us all a favor and gouge your eyes out, so you don't have to look at him while you vote. Idiots!! If Obama was white, he'd be a shoo-in. Vote for Barry!!!

Thank you for your support...(geez, I sound like Michael Moore with all this grandstanding).

BTW, I'm STILL a registered Republican for those who care...

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