Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last Week's Sac-Con

Oh well. It takes me a week to write sometimes. Anyway, I went to last week's Sac-Con in Sacramento, CA, upon the invitation of animator/comic book artist Mike Kazaleh. Mike will be drawing the cover to my upcoming book about TTV (Underdog).

Anyway, as I walked in, I sat on a panel about "The Simpsons" that Mike along with fellow friends Bill Morrison and Phil Ortiz was on. This lasted about an hour and was very entertaining. Voice artist Billy West (who does voices for "Futurama") was also on the panel, as were a couple of artists from the recent "Treehouse of Horror" comic book.

Anyway, afterwards I was thrilled when Bill came up to me and asked how my book was coming along. I am happy that he remembered. I told him it was due at the end of November.

Overall, it was a quick 3-hour reunion with people that I admire greatly in the industry.

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