Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meeting Harry Shearer

I went to see Judith Owen play in downtown Los Gatos last night for their weekly "Jazz on the Plaz" Summer concert series. She was good and funny, but the real treat for me was the appearance of her bassist, the actor/voice artist Harry Shearer, best known as the voice of Mr. Burns and Smithers on "The Simpsons".

Shearer was very good on the bass and took everything seriously, until the intermission when he was handed the microphone to read the concert sponsors. One of the sponsors was Alameda Funeral Home. Shearer proceeded to read the list in the voice of Mr. Burns, and when he got to the funeral home listing, he said, "I will be seeing you soon!". He also did a bit of Smithers.

After the show, people crowded around Ms. Owen to buy her CDs and to get her autograph. I was more enthralled with meeting Harry. I went up and called to him and spoke with him a few minutes about "Spinal Tap" and "A Mighty Wind". He said that they are working on another "Spinal Tap" reunion.

Harry was very nice and then I asked for his autograph. Not having anything for him to sign, I pulled out one of my business cards and he signed the back. I thanked him and shook his hand.

I told this story to my friend Lee, and he asked if I got a photo. I said no, and now I am kicking myself because I just purchased a new cell phone that has better photo capabilities than my old phone. I've got to get into the habit of taking photos when the situation presents itself.

Anyway, it was a very fun evening.

PS: I just discovered that Harry Shearer has been married to Judith Owen since 1993, so no wonder he tags along to her concerts.....

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Bishop said...

Harry's ace.
Do you listen to Le Show (broad/podcast out of KCRW in Santa Monica)? It's hit or miss a lot of the time, but the music he does for it is quite good. Songs of the Bushman (his most recent album) has some goodies on it.