Friday, June 15, 2007

The Tubes for Free

I saw The Tubes again for the fifth or sixth time last night in San Jose for free at "Concert in the Other Park". I don't think I have ever paid to see them. The first time I saw them it was at The Keystone in Palo Alto for one of my birthdays and we actually snuck in. This was about 1989 or so. About 10 years later I saw them for free at some street fair in Hayward. Then two years ago, they were in San Jose at this same "Concert in the Other Park" event. I especially liked that one as they did their "Wild West" show.

Last night's show was more straightforward and more PG-13 rated. They said that they were having their X-rated show in a couple of nights at a paying venue. At least Fee Waybill did WPOD in full Quay Lude attire. Strangely, the show started off with "Turn Me On", not a bad song, but not one of their big hits either. After a few more of these obscure gems like "I Was a Punk Before You Were" and "Mr. Hate", Fee launched into a James Brown tribute before settling into a string of their hits: "Tip of My Tongue", "What Do You Want From Life", "She's a Beauty", "Sushi Girl", "Don't Want to Wait Anymore", Talk to Ya Later" and the aforementioned "White Punks on Dope". They even did "Tubes World Tour" which I've never seen them perform live. All very lowkey and very fun.

Fee Waybill, Roger Steen, Prairie Prince and Rick Anderson were there, plus an unnamed keyboardist (it wasn't Gary Cambra).


Bishop said...

Jealous I am - last time I saw them was about 6 years ago in some Palo Alto or San Jose venue I'd never been to before that wasn't nearly seedy and/or classy enough (imho), but the show itself was ace. I don't much recall the set list - Wild Women, WPOD definitely. I think I'd remember if they did Turn Me On, but perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

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Bishop said...

There's a really nice 1985 bootleg (y'know, from the tour for my favourite album of theirs - Love Bomb) over at NargoTheBort's Deviant Subculture:


Bishop said...

In case that link didn't come through, try this: Tubes Live