Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett

So the Crazy Diamond passed away. Never seriously thought he would reform with Pink Floyd, but it was always a possibility just like it was always a possibility that The Beatles would reform until December 8, 1980. Since Syd was really only part of the first 1 1/2 albums and a few singles, it's kind of unnoticeable except for the fans of that early stuff. Fans of the later Floyd stuff (i.e. "Meddle" onwards) probably didn't notice or care, but Syd Barrett always held a special place in any true Pink Floyd fans' heart as rock 'n' roll's greatest living casualty. Even Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys kind of snapped out of whatever he was going through to start making some good music again and even completed the long-aborted "Smile" album, so the possibility of Syd suddenly wanting to do something musically again with or without his former bandmates was always a possibility however improbable. Now the answer is finally laid to rest and we are left with his Floyd material, plus a couple of solo albums before he packed it in for good.

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