Friday, June 16, 2006

Ann Coulter

I never gave two figs about Ann Coulter until I saw her on a recent "Tonight Show" (with George Carlin on the same show, I might add). Anyway, I have heard about her strong conservative stances on things about the 9-11 widows, but after watching her, found her generally intriguing and really a funny stand-up comedian at heart. The stuff she's saying is hysterically funny, and is not much different than something Lewis Black or George Carlin might say in their stage acts. Yes, there's an element of truth (so much so that she hits close to the bone, if not closer). Yes, some of the things she says could be taken as offensive (but in this day and age of political correctness, EVERYTHING is taken as offensive). Yes, she's doing it to gain publicity for herself and her book, (and she's doing a great job).

What's great is there's two very funny things going on. One, Coulter herself for saying the outlandish (and funny) statements; and two, (and more importantly) the general public who get soooooooooo uptight and upset when she says something they consider offensive. News note: if you find her offensive, don't talk about her and don't buy her book.

I will probably not buy her book, because like Carlin, it's her delivery that sells her jokes, more than the jokes themselves (and it doesn't translate well to the printed page). Sure, it's an affected haughty accent, but that's the point. She portrays herself as a "better-than-thou know-it-all", but THAT'S THE POINT, THAT'S HER ACT!! And it makes me wish that I thought of such a similar thing. Well I guess I did. I wrote this blog about her!!

So, I'm look forward to all of the email hate mail responses because I praised Coulter...

...still waiting...

...still waiting....

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