Monday, March 20, 2006

Why Are We at War?

Why are we still at War? I mean, the way we handled it in Iraq, we could just come home now and say "Victory! We Won! No More Terrorism!!" Would it really matter? If Iraq is on the verge of a Civil War (or already in one, in my opinion), wouldn't it be better to withdraw now and let them have at it and just say act stupid and say, "We didn't know that they would have a Civil War if we withdrew? Oh well, silly us!" And then we'd look good.

As it is, we're just going to get further and further involved in this "Vietnam/Korean" type conflict for no good reason. Besides, we can always go back. If Congress had any backbone, they wouldn't keep shoveling non-existent money towards this mess. If we're doing it all for 9-11, then that's really stupid at this point. We've killed far more people than died in that unfortunate occurance so vengeance has been accounted for, no matter how misdirected.

Come on 2009...AND ANYONE READING THIS, DO ME A FAVOR, DON'T VOTE FOR ANYONE RELATED TO OR SIDING WITH BUSH ANYMORE!!! Anyone who voted for Bush should be sent to Iraq NOW!!


Mark Arnold

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