Sunday, August 29, 2010

People Still Love "The Far Side"

Holy guacamole! I have a counter on this blog telling me what people search for and in recent times the count has gone WAY UP. The reason? Gary Larson's "The Far Side".

I posted an innocent blog entry with images of some of my favorite "Far Side" cartoons a few months ago, and it seems that everyone is searching for this. I think Larson is missing the boat here somewhere...

Here are a couple more "Far Sides" that I love. Still haven't found the "Cat Showers" cartoon on the Internet, which is my favorite "Far Side" of all time. I will probably have to scan and upload it myself.

Anyway, here's more for you...and I'll see if my blog readership rises again!!!

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sundersartwork said...

This is the reason i found your blog in the first place, i was searching for Larson cartoons. I know he is very copyright anxious, and he has detailed the reasons why in print. Still...its rough that his work is so hard to find.